Children in Ancient Rome


Children in Ancient Rome were treated differently. Their survival chances after birth were heavily determined by their gender and the family’s financial status.  To a newborn, the ways of Rome were not all kind. They …

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Rome vs. Sparta


Two of the most famous locations in ancient history have cemented themselves as ancient power-houses that left social marks so strong they persist today in various forms.  As a polity, Rome comprised significant territorial assets …

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The Roman Republic and the Roman Empire


The amusing foundation of Ancient Rome goes along with its historical evidence and incidents. In 509 BC, the Roman Republic’s initial outlook brought forth expectations of a new era. Its ultimate downfall devastated public screeches …

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The Last Emperor of Rome


Romulus Augustulus, Flavius Momyllus Romulus Augustulus, was the last Western Roman emperor or Roman Emperor overall. He reigned from 31 October 475 until 4 September 476.  Born in 461 AD, he was named Romulus after …

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Why did Roman Empire inspire us today?


Rome has continued to inspire different dimensions of modern societies. The legacy of Romans can be traced in various sectors of today, ranging from infrastructures, legal and political systems, language, culture, and even religion.  Roman …

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Prostitution in Ancient Rome


Prostitution was one of the oldest professions of Ancient Rome. It was a widespread trend due to the high demand for such services. The Roman government too was trying to regulate sexual services as the …

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Ancient Roman Medicine


Ancient Roman medicine was contributed dramatically by the Hippocratic Corpus’s knowledge and the combination of regimen, treatment of diet, and surgical procedures. It was most prominent by the works of two Greek physicians- Dioscorides, a …

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How was the Education system in Ancient Rome?


Ancient Rome considered education as a vital part of their development and a significant invention. Rich people invested in private tutors and sent their kids abroad in Greece to ensure they were well-schooled. The poor, …

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