How was a society in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek consisted of numerous independent city-state sharing a particular religion, culture, and tradition. The population was distinguished based on four social classes: women, slaves, citizens, and metics. They honored and worshipped various Greek Gods …

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Why was Socrates Killed?


Socrates was executed by the Athenian court in 399 B.C.E. on allegations of impiety and corrupting the youth.  The decision looms over Athens’ legacy as a city lauded for its intellectual and political independence. However, …

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Religion in Ancient Greece


Ancient Greece had a direct and a personal relation with the religion and religious beliefs. The rituals, ceremonies, daily activities, beliefs, festivals, and even the cities had influence of the religion. The temples and sanctuaries …

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Top 10 Ancient Greek Foods


Ancient Greek food habits showed the hardships of the Greeks in the agricultural field, and it also was distinguished by the ancient greek period’s providence. Despite the sparingness of food, there existed a massive diversity …

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Top 20 Ancient Greek Demons


Ancient Greek Demons or Daimon, sometimes also spelled as “Daemon,” originally referred to lesser deities. It was an umbrella term that covered guiding spirits of the Hellenistic religion and philosophy. The word derives from Proto-Indo-European …

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Government in Ancient Greece


Greeks organized themselves by forming city-states and set up different systems of governance to run those states, with democracy as the most popular.  As they were the first ones to implement a self-rule system in …

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10 famous Ancient Greek outfits


Clothing in Ancient Greece was primarily homemade, and the fabrics could be used as garments, shrouds, or blankets. Both men and women wore two main g: aGreece that consisted of a tunic and a cloak.  …

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Top 10 Shadowed Facts about Leto


Leto, the goddess of motherhood, was one of the most celebrated and honored goddesses in ancient Greece. Like all other female Greek deities, she, too, was blessed with some special abstracts of memory, natural forces, …

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