The Rise of Christianity in Ancient Rome


Ancient Rome was a predominantly polytheistic civilization, and religion was significantly crucial in the empire.  This meant that people worshipped multiple deities, and the belief in the presence of only one God was not majorly …

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Sexuality in Ancient Rome


Art, literature, and inscriptions provide evidence of ancient Rome’s sexual attitudes and habits. It is also evident in archaeological relics such as erotic items and architecture. Moreover, it has been suggested that “total sexual license” …

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Top 10 Ancient Roman Temples


Ancient Roman temples embody a sacred representation of the Roman Empire’s diverse culture. These temples hold significant importance as some of the most remarkable symbols of Roman architecture. The Roman Empire was first and foremost …

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Ancient Roman Government


Roman made countless contributions to art, literature, and philosophy, but perhaps their greatest gift to future generations was the contemporary idea of government.  While the modern concept of democracy arose from political conflicts in Athens, it was …

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Youngest Roman Emperor, Gordian III


Gordian III (born 20 January 225 as Marcus Antonius Gordianus Pius Augustus) was the Roman Emperor from 238 to 244. He became the youngest only legal Roman emperor in the history of the undivided Roman …

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Children in Ancient Rome


Children in Ancient Rome were treated differently. Their survival chances after birth were heavily determined by their gender and the family’s financial status.  To a newborn, the ways of Rome were not all kind. They …

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Rome vs. Sparta


Two of the most famous locations in ancient history have cemented themselves as ancient power-houses that left social marks so strong they persist today in various forms.  As a polity, Rome comprised significant territorial assets …

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