10 Major Battles of The Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Wars : Battle of Nile

The Napoleonic War lasted for about 12 years. This period(May 18, 1803 – November 20, 1815) included relentless wars and major conflicts between France and the European nations. The Strategic Genius: Napoleon Bonaparte led these …

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French Revolution Timeline

May 19 –National Assembly abolished the nobility

The beginning of the modern history of Europe is marked by the French Revolution. It uprooted the feudal system as well as the rule of the monarch. This revolution started in the year 1789 when …

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10 paintings inspired by the French Revolution

Napoleon’s Coronation

The French Revolution, especially Napoleon Bonaparte, has influenced the works of various artists. Most of the paintings, inspired by the French Revolution, are painted by one famous neoclassical artist, Jacques-Louis David.  There are numerous other …

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