Top 10 Ancient Chinese Dynasties


Chinese History revolves around the dynasties and the rulers of those dynasties. There were a total of 13 successive dynasties. The dynasty such as the Han dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, Xin Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, …

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Top 10 Paleolithic Sites in China

A map locating Yunnan

The Chinese Paleolithic archaeology is marked by the long persistence of core-and-flake and cobble-tool industries. For the Chinese Paleolithic, wood and bamboo also served as raw materials for daily objects’ production.  People’s complexity and modernity …

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Top 10 Chinese Emperors

Chinese Emperor Song Taizu

The Grand Historian archives’ records that the ancient Chinese civilization began under the Xia dynasty (2070- 1600 BC). Then it culminated with the Qing dynasty (1644- 1911 AD). After the Qing dynasty, China became a …

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