How did Cleopatra Die?


Cleopatra, the most famous pharaoh of Egypt and mistress of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, died by suicide after her army was defeated by the First Roman Emperor, Octavian. The Egyptian queen succeeded her father, …

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Ancient Egyptian Timeline


Ancient Egypt ruled for over 30 centuries from the predynastic period ( 6000 B.C.E ) until the death of Cleopatra VII, the last ruler of the Ptolemaic Period ( 30 B.C.E.  During the 30 centuries, …

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Top 10 Fascinating Pyramids in Egypt


The Egyptian pyramids are one of the supreme structures of historical Egyptian civilization. They are pieces of art and significant inventions of Ancient Egypt modeled after the primordial mound.  These pyramids were faced with furbished, …

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Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Goddesses


Ancient Egypt had the most complex pantheons of divine forces in the old-fashioned world. They worshipped Egyptian gods and goddesses in the forms of mothers, cats, crocodiles, the sun, and the universe. They associated every …

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Top 10 Egyptian Inventions and Discoveries


Ancient Egypt has a significant cultural impact on ancient and modern civilizations with its extensive collection of antiquities, inventions, and monuments.  Inventions from ancient Egypt molded the world to its current form. The technologies and …

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Religion in Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egyptian religion was a system of diverse beliefs and rituals forming a crucial part of Egyptian culture. It surrounded itself with multiple deities and pharaohs. At the same time, Egyptians performed various offerings, prayers, …

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Top 10 Ancient Egyptian food


Ancient Egyptians had shaped the food culture in the Ancient world. They were the largest suppliers of grains, especially wheat, and fed a population of about a million across different oldest civilizations including the Roman …

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Ancient Egyptian Government


Ancient Egyptian government depended on two major factors; the Egyptian Pharaoh and agriculture. The Pharaoh was the political and religious leader and was considered the divine representative of gods on earth. On the other hand, …

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Top 10 most famous people of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt was rich in history, marvelous architecture, and prominent individuals. Ibn Khaldun, Moses, and Cleopatra were amongst the many prominent figures that had a massive role with their contributions in highlighting Egypt’s name in …

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10 Plagues of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt has been marked in history books as the land of suffering for the Hebrew people. Under the rule of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II, the Hebrews suffered from extreme forms of slavery. When …

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