Top 10 most famous people of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt was rich in history, marvelous architecture, and prominent individuals. The influential people, including Ibn Khaldun, Moses, and Cleopatra, highlighted Egypt’s name in history. Their contributions spread across essential fields as science, technology, and …

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10 Plagues of Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egypt has been marked in history books as the land of suffering for the Hebrew people. Under the rule of the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramesses II, the Hebrews suffered from extreme forms of slavery. When …

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10 Famous Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs


Pharaoh, in Ancient Egypt, was initially referred to as “Great House,” and a royal palace where the leaders resided. The word Pharaoh was eventually used to honor and respect the leaders or the Kings of ancient …

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Roman Religion and Religious Practices


Romans practiced polytheism worshipping numerous deities, including their gods, adoption from Greek gods, and gods from numerous other city-states and provinces.  God Jupiter, Goddess Juno, and Minerva were the first three deities of ancient Rome …

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