Top 10 Most Brutal Dictators in Modern History


As the famous proverb goes, “one man’s hero is another man’s tyrant”. Dictators have brought fear and grief upon the suppressed population throughout history. Dictatorship, force, and the systemic maltreatment of political enemies to stay …

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Top 10 Egyptian Inventions and Discoveries


Ancient Egypt has a significant cultural impact on ancient and modern civilizations with its extensive collection of antiquities, inventions, and monuments.  Inventions from ancient Egypt molded the world to its current form. The technologies and …

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Religion in Ancient Egypt


Ancient Egyptian religion revolved around multiple Egyptian gods and Egyptian Pharaohs. They performed prayers and offerings to gain the favor of the gods.  Egyptians applied the principle of Ma’at (harmony) and understand how their actions …

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10 famous Ancient Greek outfits


Clothing in Ancient Greece was primarily homemade, and the fabrics could be used as garments, shrouds, or blankets. Both men and women wore two main garments invented by Greece that consisted of a tunic and …

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Prostitution in Ancient Rome


Prostitution was one of the oldest professions of Ancient Rome. It was a widespread trend due to the high demand for such services. The Roman government too was trying to regulate sexual services as the …

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Ancient Roman Medicine


Ancient Roman medicine was contributed dramatically by the Hippocratic Corpus’s knowledge and the combination of regimen, treatment of diet, and surgical procedures. It was most prominent by the works of two Greek physicians- Dioscorides, a …

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Ancient Egyptian Government


Ancient Egyptian government depended on two major factors; the Egyptian Pharaoh and agriculture. The Pharaoh was the political and religious leader and was considered the divine representative of gods on earth. Agriculture, on the other …

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