Top 10 Sumerian Kings


Sumer was an ancient Mesopotamian civilization of the Fertile Crescent region between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.  The earliest known human settlements in Sumer dated back to around 4000 B.C. However, no concrete evidence was …

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9 Babylonian deities

Babylonian deity Adad

Babylon was one of the major cities of Ancient Mesopotamia. It had numerous inventions and developments which had an impact on the people of the whole Mesopotamia Civilization. One of the most significant areas was …

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10 most influential Gods of Mesopotamia

The deities of Mesopotamia civilization primarily had humanlike forms; they were either male god or female god and also reacted to stimuli of both emotions and reasons. However, there were numerous features to distinguish them …

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Facts about Sumerian Sky God: An

Cuneiform for An

1.  Introducing the Sumerian Sky God – An The sky god An was the primary god of the Sumerian who was known by numerous names including the sky god, supreme god, god of the king, …

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Mesopotamian Government: The political hierarchy

Assyrian King and Queen

Mesopotamia civilization’s political hierarchy was based on Monarchy, which consisted of three major classes, including nobles, free citizens, and slaves. Mesopotamia had an organized government with the leaderships passed down in a hierarchical order by …

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Sumerian language: Cuneiform

Sumer, the southernmost region of ancient Mesopotamia(modern-day Iraq) is the earliest known civilization in history. It is known for numerous innovations and inventions which result in being significant for every region of ancient Mesopotamia. The …

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