Top 10 most powerful women of Ancient Rome


Men and women in Ancient Rome were treated differently in the initial days. However, with the rise of a few bold and most powerful women, the scenario changed to almost equalizing both genders.  Initially, women …

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What were the darkest sides of Ancient Rome?


The city of Rome, founded in 753 BC, incorporates some of the darkest sides that its good deeds have overshadowed. The darkest events mostly revolved around the times of patricians and plebeians, where the latter …

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Top 10 Facts about Roman Goddess Juno


Juno, the Queen of Gods, was one of the three oldest Roman Goddesses. She was associated with marriage, family, youth, and the home. She would protect women of all ages and oversee all aspects of …

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Top 10 Shadowed Facts about Leto


Leto, the goddess of motherhood, was one of the most celebrated and honored goddesses in ancient Greece. Like all other female Greek deities, she, too, was blessed with some special abstracts of memory, natural forces, …

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10 Exciting Roman mythologies and legends


Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece have always been on top when it came to their mythologies and legends. The myths and legends have influenced every culture, tradition, art, and literature.  Romans have always had a …

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Top 10 pieces of Ancient Roman art and sculpture


Roman Empire, has always been known for its inventions, technologies, legends, mythologies, art, and sculptures.  Like all other innovations and inventions, the artwork created in this Empire during its era has a great value and …

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