The Nine Circles of Hell

Eighth Circle of Hell- Fraud

Dante Alighieri first described the Nine Circles of Hell in his epic poem Divine Comedy. It is a long narrative poem in the Italian language.  The poem has three parts, and the narrative describes Dante’s …

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Top 10 Ancient Painting Techniques


Humans have always harbored the innate urge to leave a mark on the world, and one of the best ways to do so is in the form of art. We have initiated ancient painting techniques …

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10 Best paintings of Norman Rockwell

Home for Christmas- 1967

Norman Rockwell was an American artist most famous for his illustrations and paintings. He was a prolific artist who created more than 4000 original artworks in his entire lifespan.  Some of his remarkable works include …

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9 Spheres of Heaven(Dante’s Paradiso)

Sphere of the Moon: The Inconstant

The culminating part of the ‘Divine Comedy’ trilogy of epic poems, Dante’s ‘Paradiso’ commences at the end of the peak of Purgatory, when Virgil is replaced by Beatrice Portinari (for whom Dante harbours an unrequited …

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20 Most Famous Paintings of All Time

Mona Lisa Leonard Da Vinci

Over the years countless works of art have been created and put up in museums and galleries that have become timeless icons. A select group of most renowned paintings is highly recognizable even today by …

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Top 10 Inventions of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci is one of the very few individuals assorted of diversified skills that have ever lived. His perception of the world was logical than mysterious. He is the most famous Renaissance Genius. Despite being …

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