Technologies and Weapons used in WW1


Military equipment has always influenced and determined how conflicts are waged. On the other hand, the First World War saw technical advancement’s unparalleled breadth and extent. It would be the first highly mechanized industrial war …

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Youngest Roman Emperor, Gordian III


Gordian III, the youngest Roman Emperor, was born on the 20th of January 225 as Marcus Antonius Gordianus Pius Augustus. He was born to his mother Antonia Gordiana (Emperor Gordian I’s daughter), and his father, …

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Technologies and Weapons used in World War 2


The field of technologies, sciences and their accomplishments had a tremendous and persistent effect on life during World War 2.  After 1945, memorable images from the war consequently affected all parts of society – from …

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World War 2 Memorial


World War 2 Memorial is the landmark honoring Americans who fought for their lives in world war 2 as civilians and in the armed services.  From the moment it was established in the spring of 2004, …

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Top 10 Facts about Winston Churchill


One of Britain’s great politicians, Winston Churchill, is recognized for his encouraging and exceptional speeches. He is also acknowledged for leading the United Kingdom to victory in World War II.  Of course, some have questioned …

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Julius Caesar and Cleopatra


Cleopatra’s legacy lives on as the heroine of literary figure Shakespeare’s tragedy and one of the most famous historical Egyptian monarchs today through the stories of her beauty, deceit, power, and most of all, her …

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Rome vs. Sparta


Two of the most famous locations in ancient history have cemented themselves as ancient power-houses that left social marks so strong they persist today in various forms.  As a polity, Rome comprised significant territorial assets …

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Classical Antiquity vs. Late Antiquity


Also famously known as the Classical Era, or the Classical Age, Classical Antiquity lasts between the 8th century BC and the 6th century AD. Rooted around the Mediterranean Sea, classical Antiquity comprised interlocking civilizations of …

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The Thirteen Colonies


Founded in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Thirteen Colonies, were a group of British colonies on North America’s Atlantic coast. They were the first foreign colonies to form the United States. The colonies started …

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Top 10 Ancient Greek Foods


Ancient Greek food habits showed the hardships of the Greeks in the agricultural field, and it also was distinguished by the ancient greek period’s providence. Despite the sparingness of food, there existed a massive diversity …

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