How was a society in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek consisted of numerous independent city-state sharing a particular religion, culture, and tradition. The population was distinguished based on four social classes: women, slaves, citizens, and metics. They honored and worshipped various Greek Gods …

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How did Benito Mussolini come to power?


The pioneer of Fascism, a belief in suppressing democracy over dictatorship, Benito Mussolini was the man behind the cruelty in Italy.  He was responsible for establishing a repressive ruling system that held anti-liberalism and anti-communism …

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What did Tiberius do for Rome?


Tiberius Caesar Augustus was the successor of emperor Augustus of Rome, born on November 16, 42 B.C, to queen Livia Drusilla and Tiberius Claudius Nero, a Roman senator. They contributed to uplifting the crippling Roman …

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Was Commodus a good emperor?


Commodus’s legacy clearly stated he was not a good emperor for Rome. Caesar Marcus Aurelius Commodus Antoninus Augustus, also known as Commodus, was a Roman emperor vilified as one of the bloody tyrants.  He was …

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Celtic War Leaders


Celts were the tribal races of people in Europe, primarily residing in Ireland and Scotland, whose origins always remained unresolved.  Celtic warriors sealed their barbaric dignity in the clashes with the Romans, although all of …

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World War 1 Rifles


The Great War, fought during the intervals between 1914 and 1918, caused massive devastation to humankind and physical infrastructures. Humans proved to be very ingenious in terms of the progression of armament. Initially, arrows, swords, …

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10 most mysterious underwater buildings


Water, one of the crucial elements of life, can be characterized by several aspects such as visual, psychological, and physical.  It has permanently established links between culture, nature, organic, and inorganic lives. In different eras …

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Life of Slaves in Ancient Rome


Slavery was a prominent practice in ancient Rome, where slaves were granted no personal rights. Every form of abuse befell them as they were regarded as property under Roman law. Rome’s economy was dependent on …

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Stone Age Building


Stone Age dates back to roughly 2.5 million years ago when humans shared the earth with now-extinct hominid relatives.  Humans worked with stones, so the age got its name as the “stone age.” Humans made …

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