Mabinogion Folk Tales


The Mabinogion was the collection of Celtic folk tales featuring Celts’ mythological, traditional, and historical worlds. This Welsh anecdote, composed of literary figures like King Arthur and the wizard Merlin, were exchanged for loading and …

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Who were the Celts?


The Celts were a tribal collection of people residing in central Europe with a common ground of culture, language, and beliefs. Celtic origins dating back to 1200 B.C have always been a disputed issue in …

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10 Reasons Vikings Invaded England


The Medieval Period dates back to European history’s 5th to late 15th century. Vikings belonged to the same era and were profound as pirates, raiders, and colonizers.  The Viking age began during the 9th and …

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Top 10 Military Leaders of World War 2


The deadliest human tussle ever recorded was World War 2, as it involved atomic bombardments, paratroopers, and poisonous gasses resulting in vast death tolls.  The world’s significant powers got divided into the Allied Powers and …

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Top 10 Major Battles of World War 2


The world’s war officially started on September 1, 1939, with the invasion of the most powerful countries of WW2, Germany on Poland, and formally ended on September 2, 1945, with the surrender of Japan. Between …

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Top 10 Facts about Benito Mussolini


Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini, famously known as Benito Mussolini, was an Italian political leader commonly known as a fascist European dictator. He was credited with the inauguration of “fascism,”; a political ideology characterized by a …

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Top 10 Interesting Facts about Hitler


Born on April 20, 1889, Adolf Hitler was the leader of Germany’s Nazi Party. He became the chancellor of Germany in 1933, adopted the title of Führer (“Leader”) in 1934, and attained dictatorial powers through …

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