Usha Sobhraj: First daughter of Charles Sobhraj

Usha Sobhraj daughter of Charles Sobhraj
Usha Sobhraj, daughter of Charles Sobhraj

Usha Sobhraj, born in 1970, is the first daughter of the infamous serial killer, Charles Sobhraj

She was born to Charles Sobhraj and his first wife, Chantal Compagnon, while they ran in Mumbai, India. 

She is currently living in the United States with her husband and their son. 

Unlike her father, an infamous serial killer, Usha Sobhraj decided to make a better life for herself, got a better education, and became well settled socially and economically. 

Usha Sobhraj is the daughter of infamous serial killer Charles Sobhraj

Charles Sobhraj
Charles Sobhraj

Her father, the renowned serial killer, was born in France in 1944. 

He goes by the names of the world: the serpent, the bikini killer, and the splitting killer.

He has executed his criminal activities in numerous countries worldwide, including Nepal, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and Thailand. 

Though Usha is the firstborn of Charles Sobhraj, she did not spend her childhood with her father. 

Her mother, Chantal, divorced from her biological father, later married another man, and moved to the United States. 

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Usha was then adopted by her stepfather, who brought her up and provided her with a better life. 

Usha Sobhraj’s mother Chantal Compagnon

Chantal Compagnon first wife of Charles-Sobhraj
Chantal Compagnon first wife of Charles-Sobhraj

Chantal Compagnon, a French woman, is the first wife of Charles Sobhraj. 

She was born in 1945 in Paris, France, and was brought up in a conservative catholic family. 

Her interests since her childhood included poetry, culture, art, and music. She fell in love with Charles Sobhraj and convinced her parents to marry him although he was in jail for 8 months. 

They later got married, and she gave birth to their first daughter Usha Sobhraj. After Usha’s delivery, their relationship did not last long.

She later divorced Charles Sobhraj and remarried to a stonemason Leon Harris. 

Meeting of Usha Sobhraj’s parents

Her parents met in France at a party in 1963 and immediately fell in love. Charles Sobhraj got arrested for theft while he was still dating Chantal. 

He was in jail for 8 months, due to which Chantal’s parents were not happy with their relationship. Chantal waited for 8 months while he was in prison to marry him. 

They convinced her parents and later got married in 1969. They were on the run in India, where their first daughter Usha was born. 

Usha Sobhraj’s parents were still involved in criminal activities after Usha’s birth 

Charles Sobhraj arrested by the police
Charles Sobhraj arrested by the police

After her birth, her father decided to leave behind his criminal activities and give his daughter a better life.

However, he was unable to keep up with this thought for very long and again got involved in forgery and theft of travel documents of tourists. 

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He, along with his wife, got involved in illegal activities. They used to talk to the foreigners, befriend them and later rob their passports and properties.

Both of them traveled around the world while being involved in such activities. 

They were later arrested in Kabul, Afghanistan, for not paying hotel bills. Child Chantal was then sent to her maternal grandparents in France. 

Chantal got Usha Sobhraj’s custody after the divorce of her parents

After escaping from the prison, Usha’s mother Chantal took full custody of her and separated her from Charles Sobhraj.

Meanwhile, Charles Sobhraj drugged his mother-in-law, kidnapped his daughter Usha and flew to Iran after his release. He was again arrested from a Casino in Iran. 

Chantal divorced Charles Sobhraj and got married to stonemason Leon Harris. As her mother Chantal got custody, she went everywhere with her mother.

Chantal took her to the United States, where she met her second and current husband, Leon Harris. After that, Usha was later adopted by Chantal’s second husband and lived with them in the United States. 

Usha Sobhraj denies social media platforms and public interviews

She refuses to appear on any social media platforms and wants to stay away from her past.

Due to the same reason, she also refused to appear in an interview with the makers of her father’s biography, the web series called “The Serpent .”

She also refused to cooperate with the script approached by the makers of the same series. 

Though her life is not public and not many things about her are known in the media, her character portrayal in the web series gives an insight about her life to the audiences. 

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Usha Sobhraj’s academic qualifications and achievements

She graduated with “A Bachelor of Science from Boston University. Her other academic achievement includes US Department of Homeland Security certification in intelligence analysis. 

She was also selected as a Senior Fellow in the 2017- 2019 cohort by the Center for Cyber and Homeland Security at George Washington University. 

Usha Sobhraj’s current status and involvement

Usha Sobhraj worked in the United States and has a ‘classified job’ there. She is working as a specialist in counter-terrorism and homeland security.

 She also worked as a print journalist before starting her current job. She has published many articles, reports, and testimonies on state and local law enforcement practices.

She also worked at the Center for Policing Terrorism at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. 

She is also a specialist in LAPD reserved corp and has worked in several with the LAPD counter-terrorism and special operations bureau since 2006. 

Her recent works include the development of “Policing Converging Threats in the 21st Century”.

It is focused on developing state and local criminal intelligence and investigating strategies to counter transnational criminal threats. 

She is currently working as executive director and co-founder of the Operational Sciences Institute. She started working as Government Consultant in 2008.

She is also involved in developing, managing, and supporting cybersecurity, law enforcement, counter-terrorism, intelligence, and homeland security projects.  

Usha Sobhraj’s family life

She is currently married to Jason Sutliff. The couple has a child together. She lives her everyday life serving in a prestigious position, unlike both parents. 

Usha Sobhraj’s relationship with her parents – Charles Sobhraj and Chantal Compagnon 

She is not in touch with her biological father after separating from him since she was a child. She even cut off the ties with her mother to escape from her past. 

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