Top 25 events of World War 1


World War 1 was four-year-long combat that started on 28 July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918. A significant part of the world was involved in the war, forming two major alliances. Throughout most …

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World War 1 Rifles


The Great War, fought during the intervals between 1914 and 1918, caused massive devastation to humankind and physical infrastructures. Humans proved to be very ingenious in terms of the progression of armament. Initially, arrows, swords, …

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Facts about Technology and Weapons used in World War 1


World War 1 (1914­-1918) experienced growing industrial resources and significantly implemented mass arms production.  This trend of industrialization, which had already begun about 50 years prior, resulted in the technological advancement of warfare.  The improvisation …

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German Uniforms in World War 1


Germany had a wide assortment of military uniforms before World War 1. Each state in the country had a distinct uniform in color, cut-out, belt-buckle motto, and helmet plate.  The luxury of maintaining heterogeneous uniforms …

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What were Doughboys in World War 1


During World War 1, the term “Doughboy” was influential among American infantrymen. Although the term’s origins are unknown, it was still used until the early 1940s.  Moreover, the 1942 song “Johnny Doughboy Found a Rose …

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Big Bertha Weapon – World War 1


Big Bertha, also known as the German Dicke Bertha or M-Gerat, was a 420-mm (16.5-inch) howitzer model. It was employed by the German Army to attack Belgian and French garrisons during World War 1.  According …

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National World War 1 Memorial


The National World War 1 Memorial is situated at Pennsylvania Avenue and 14th Street in Washington D.C at Pershing Park. The construction was authorized by the National Defense Authorization Act of 2015 which was mandated …

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Technologies and Weapons used in WW1


Military equipment has always influenced and determined how conflicts are waged. On the other hand, the First World War saw technical advancement’s unparalleled breadth and extent. It would be the first highly mechanized industrial war …

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