Top 10 Fairies in history


The word fairy has been derived from the Greek word: daimon, meaning spirit that is characterized by having human-like appearances and possessing magical abilities. However, they are not divinity ( gods or goddesses ) in …

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Top 10 Fascinating Pyramids in Egypt


The Egyptian pyramids are one of the supreme structures from historical Egyptian civilization. They are pieces of art and major inventions of Ancient Egypt that were modeled after the primordial mound.  The fact that these …

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A brief history on fairies


According to Greek mythology, fairies originated during the Greek Era, as the Nymphs, who protected the face of Mother Earth.   On the other hand, the historian Gervase of Tilbury reported the origination of the earliest …

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Top 10 Ancient Egyptian Goddesses


Ancient Egypt had the most complex pantheons of divine forces in the antiquated world. They worshipped Egyptian gods and goddesses in the forms of mothers, cats, crocodiles, the sun, and the universe. They associated every …

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