Top 10 Civil Wars That Transformed Rome

Ruins of Aeclanum town during Sullas first civil war

The Roman conquerors valiantly fought many battles and positioned Rome as the most prolific city of its times. At the ostensibly united front, Romans established their reign far and wide. However, amidst the successful veneer …

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Top 10 Worst Roman Emperors

Roman Emperor Domitian

Roman civilization had numerous great leaders and emperors. However, not all of them were favored by their people. The emperors like Commodus, Domitian, Nero, and Honorius were the worst in ancient Roman civilization. The reason …

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Top 20 Ancient Roman Inventions

The Halloween

Roman civilization proved to be one of the most influential civilization with its magnificent inventions. The inventions such as the Julian Calendar, Roman Numerals, Concrete, and the most popular festival Halloween are some of their …

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Top 10 Famous Roman Philosophers

Roman Philosopher Cicero

Historically, much of Roman philosophy inherits its precepts, instructions, exhortations and observations from its predecessor, the ancient Greek philosophy, which is the cradle of philosophy itself.  Theories of existence and ethics have been advanced and …

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Top 10 famous Roman Gladiators

Roman Gladiator Carpophorus

Roman gladiators or the swordsmen entertained the audience, both regular people and Emperors, by fighting in the arena. Most of them were slaves or the captured ones who were specially trained to fight in the …

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