Top 10 Roman Goddesses


The Romans, like the Greeks, attributed gods and myths to explain any incomprehensible phenomena. Their culture, society, philosophy, and way of living are deeply interwoven with their mythology. Studying their gods and goddesses provides a …

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Top 10 Roman Legion


Roman Empire comprised impactful strategies, tactics, and techniques in everything it came up with. The Emperors that ruled Rome and the army used by them also happened to be one of the most celebrated ones …

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Top 10 Ancient Chinese Dynasties


Chinese History revolves around the dynasties and the rulers of those dynasties. There were a total of 13 successive dynasties. The dynasty such as the Han dynasty, the Qin Dynasty, Xin Dynasty, the Yuan Dynasty, …

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Top 10 Riveting Facts about Demeter

A depiction of Greek Goddess of Demeter holding grain

Greek gods and goddesses have always been the subject of interest and query. The birth, expertise, contribution, and whole life story of Greek deities pack the mysteries. Among the Greek deities, Demeter was one of …

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7 wonders of Ancient World


Travelers and geographers wrote about their experiences based on the travels made all over the world. The list created by every traveler was analyzed, and a good list of 7 wonders of the Ancient World …

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Top 10 Astonishing Facts about Hera

Baby Hercules with the Serpent

Not all Greek Goddesses were full of virtue and goodness. Some goddesses proved to be cruel, inhuman, and criminal, but they were powerful enough. Hera was one of the evilest goddesses in Ancient Greek Religion.  …

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Top 10 Curious Facts about Nemesis


Greek Mythology has a huge hierarchy to rank the gods and goddesses. From Primordial deities to Chthonic deities each has distinct roles and power.  Greek goddesses, especially, are characterized by emotions and household activities except …

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