Top 10 Famous Victorian Architecture


Several revival architectural styles famous during the 18 – 19th century were categorized as the Victorian architecture for being built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth ( Victorian Era ).  The architectures tagged as the …

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Top 10 Effects of World War 1


WWI was a conflict between many nations which redrew the maps of the Middle East and Europe. It did leave its mark on societies of British in various subtle ways and changed social relations which …

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Top 10 major battles of World War I

World War I opened up new frontiers in International Warfare due to the battles fought between significant global superpowers. The Great War which started with the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip brought …

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10 Greatest Mathematicians of All Time

Georg Cantor ( 1845 - 1918 )

Great mathematicians have made massive contributions for the evolution of major theorems like Pythagorean Theorem, Fermat’s Last Theorem, Geometrical Theorems, Number system, Probability, and Fractions. It has helped to advance our collective understanding of mathematics. Such …

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