Top 10 Reasons for the Trojan War

Leda with Swan

The Trojan war was one of the military expeditions of great upheavals the Greeks undertook to capture lands beyond Greece. It is an amalgamation of fact and fiction because the archaeologists have discovered that there …

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Top 10 Ancient Greek Goddesses

Ancient Greek goddess Hestia

Ancient Greek mythology is replete with legends about the most powerful gods in history. Nonetheless, it isn’t devoid of the most charming and desirable femme fatale goddesses. There is nothing more enduring than Gaia, the …

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Top 10 Contributions of Plato

Academy of Plato

Alfred North Whitehead has quipped that the general characterization of European philosophical tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato. In a way, he has surmised that the philosophical drafts that …

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Top 10 Contributions of Socrates

Happiness mantra

Socrates (c. 470, Athens-399, Athens) was a Greek philosopher who rigorously examined his life to yield numerous criticisms of the subliminal stimuli of the then Greek hegemony. His seminal theories, thoughts, percepts and exhortations on …

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Top 10 Ancient Greek Philosophers

Greek Philosophers Anaximander

One of the cornerstones of Greek civilization and culture were the Greek philosophers. An old, traditional, long-held belief was prevalent in ancient Greece that things were manifested purely according to the whims of the Gods. …

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Top 10 Ancient Greek Gods

Hades Greek God

The stories of Greek gods are always fascinating. It is also the foundation of allusion and character genesis in literature. The stories of ancient Greek gods are one of romance, betrayal, passion, violence, and tragedy. …

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