Top 10 Roman Goddesses


The Romans, like the Greeks, attributed gods and myths to explain any incomprehensible phenomena. Their culture, society, philosophy, and way of living are deeply interwoven with their mythology. Studying their gods and goddesses provides a …

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Top 10 Ancient Mayan Inventions


The Mayan civilization is regarded as the most sophisticated and technologically advanced civilization, not merely in Mesoamerica but in the world. This diverse group of indigenous people inhabited the parts that we know as Belize, …

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20 Outstanding Victorian Era Fashion Trends


The Victorian Era lasted for roughly 64 years (1819-1901). Throughout the reign of Queen Victoria, the British Empire witnessed prosperity in various aspects, including, and not limited to, industry, economy, religion, politics, architecture, government, theatre, …

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Top 10 Neolithic Architecture


When we talk about Neolithic architecture, the foremost thing that strikes us is minimalism and the use of naturally occurring materials. Their houses were mostly sturdy stones to lay the foundation; their walls were usually …

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Top 10 Most Common Neolithic Food


The people of the Neolithic era performed arduous tasks of erecting huge boulders such as the Stonehenge. Great strength and food fuel is required to accomplish such titanic tasks. We can name a few of …

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1O Surviving Neolithic Paintings


We live in towns and with our neighbors directly influences the Neolithic Revolution that occurred some 11,500-5,000 years ago. The Neolithic era (New Stone Age) evolved from its predecessors’ traditionally nomadic and semi-nomadic lifestyle. Large …

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Top 10 Most Famous Roman Generals


The rank of general is short for Captain-General, which means an office head (Captain) of the army generally (General).  Emperor is an English word derived from ‘imperator’, the supreme Roman military leaders. Commander meant the …

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Top 10 Ancient Roman Weapons

Depiction of slinger

The Roman army strikes us with the imagination of hand-to-hand and heavy infantry, but it was a lot more complicated than that. The Romans adapted to any strategic and tactical situation, and it did use …

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