Ancient Mesopotamia Economy


The idea and significance of money were first felt in ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. The history of money in Mesopotamia civilization goes back to 2500 BC when the use of money began with the wealthy …

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Ancient Mesopotamia Social Classes

ancient-mesopotamia economy

The whole of Mesopotamia was divided into two parts – Northern Mesopotamia and Southern Mesopotamia. The Sumerians ruled the Southern part whereas the Akkadians ruled the Northern region. People living in both parts were categorized …

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Ancient Mesopotamia Timeline

Mesopotamia Geography

The Mesopotamia civilization began during 4000 BC when small groups of people started coming in and living together. They started with the invention of agriculture and irrigation. Gradually, with the growth in population and agricultural …

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Top 10 Famous Victorian Architecture


Several revival architectural styles famous during the 18 – 19th century were categorized as the Victorian architecture for being built during the reign of Queen Elizabeth ( Victorian Era ).  The architectures tagged as the …

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Top 10 Effects of World War 1


WWI was a conflict between many nations which redrew the maps of the Middle East and Europe. It did leave its mark on societies of British in various subtle ways and changed social relations which …

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