Mesopotamian Government: The political hierarchy

Assyrian King and Queen

Mesopotamia civilization’s political hierarchy was based on Monarchy, which consisted of three major classes, including nobles, free citizens, and slaves. Mesopotamia had an organized government with the leaderships passed down in a hierarchical order by …

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Top 10 famous Norse God

Balder: God of Light, Purity, Joy and the Summer Sun

According to Norse Mythology, the Norse gods and goddesses are divided into two significant groups: Vanir and Aesir, based on their earliest existence. To elaborate, the Norse gods are divided into two primary clans: Æsir …

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Complete Guide of Indus Valley Civilization


The Indus Valley civilization extends from modern-day northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan and a major part of northwest India.  During the discovery of this civilization, numerous metals like copper and tin were discovered. So, the Bronze …

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The Nine Circles of Hell

Eighth Circle of Hell- Fraud

Dante Alighieri first described the Nine Circles of Hell in his epic poem Divine Comedy. It is a long narrative poem in the Italian language.  The poem has three parts, and the narrative describes Dante’s …

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10 Best Renaissance Architecture

Antwerp City Hall

Renaissance is considered to be a significant era of architecture in European history.  It is often regarded as the revival of certain elements of Roman and Greek Architecture into the material and design Filippo Brunelleschi …

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10 Best paintings of Norman Rockwell

Home for Christmas- 1967

Norman Rockwell was an American artist most famous for his illustrations and paintings. He was a prolific artist who created more than 4000 original artworks in his entire lifespan.  Some of his remarkable works include …

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