Top 10 Curious Facts about Nemesis


Greek Mythology has a huge hierarchy to rank the gods and goddesses. From Primordial deities to Chthonic deities each has distinct roles and power.  Greek goddesses, especially, are characterized by emotions and household activities except …

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What was the Language of Ancient Rome?


The ancient Roman Empire consisted of millions of people belonging to numerous different groups, cities, and provinces. They all spoke other languages based on their locality. However, there were only two languages considered significant languages …

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Top 20 Rome’s Greatest Battles


Ancient Rome was one of the most potent and significant civilizations that lasted for around a thousand years. It ran under both republic and empire through a military system.   Rome had extended from today’s Britain …

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Top 10 facts about Hannibal Barca


Hannibal Barca, better known as the Greatest Enemy of Rome, was against Rome from his early years.  He would travel with his father Hamilcar to every battlefield and warzones. Most of his experiences were from the …

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Top 10 Ancient Romans battle tactics


Romans were known for their creativity and experience on the battlefield. They used various techniques, formations, and weapons, leading to numerous victories over their opponents. However, their basic tactical framework was divided into three major …

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Top 10 facts about Elagabalus

Elagabalus - family tree

Ancient Rome has major contributions to evolve language, religion, law, art, and government. Besides, architecture and socio-economic culture make Ancient Rome even more fascinating to know. However, when it comes to the chase of the …

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